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The Thumbs and Clear Hill in a day (nearly)

Stepped Hills bathed in light
The Thumbs and Clear Hill haven’t exactly been on my walking to-do list. It’s not because I didn’t want to visit them. It’s just that I had never really even known about them. A massive shame really, because it’s such a beautiful, spectacular place.

Olympus, Gould and Byron - but Ida escapes again!

Mount Gould with a blue sky

Regular readers of this blog will know that Dash and I seem to like to do walks that are long, remote and often psychologically painful. So when planning for this one, we were after something a little easier and relaxing.

But as usual, even the best, well intentioned ideas go awry.

Mount Field East (circuit)

It was time to visit Mount Field again… but this time it was time to tackle something new: Mount Field East.

The weather was lovely, and the maps were waterproof.

Frenchman's Cap - December 2020

Frenchman's Cap lit by early morning sun

I have long wanted to walk to Frenchman’s Cap, I’ve just never been able to convince anyone to come with me.

And I couldn’t find anyone to come with me in December 2020 either, so I just went by myself. The weather forecast looked amazing. I had a weekend. Why not go?

Cape Hauy - 24 December 2016

The day was sunny, warm (some would say hot), and we were ready for a quick visit to one of Tasmania’s favourite capes, Cape Hauy! We’d stayed the night down on the Peninsula, so it was a quick drive down to the Fortescue Bay.

The Overland Track

A frozen lake with snow all around it
I did the Overland Track. It was good. I didn’t take many photos. There were too many clouds and many, many wombats.