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Mount Mueller and a mid-winter walk

A rainbow in the background with frozen bushes in the foreground
Mount Mueller is a 1245 meter mountain in two parts: There’s the eastern part of the mountain, which you reach first after a solid climb; and, there’s the western part which is the true peak, about 1.6km or so further along and crucially 5 meters taller.

Mount Wedge on a cloudy Good Friday

Cloud and trees
I had hoped the weather would clear for my walk up Mount Wedge, but I began to have some serious doubts as I passed Maydena and saw rain on the windscreen and dark clouds above.

The Thumbs and Clear Hill in a day (nearly)

Stepped Hills bathed in light
The Thumbs and Clear Hill haven’t exactly been on my walking to-do list. It’s not because I didn’t want to visit them. It’s just that I had never really even known about them. A massive shame really, because it’s such a beautiful, spectacular place.

Olympus, Gould and Byron - but Ida escapes again!

Mount Gould with a blue sky

Regular readers of this blog will know that Dash and I seem to like to do walks that are long, remote and often psychologically painful. So when planning for this one, we were after something a little easier and relaxing.

But as usual, even the best, well intentioned ideas go awry.

Mount Field East (circuit)

A pile of rocks with a blue sky

It was time to visit Mount Field again… but this time it was time to tackle something new: Mount Field East.

The weather was lovely, and the maps were waterproof.

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