There are so many other great Tasmanian bushwalking blogs around.

I’m listing them here: a) for your pleasure and b) so I remember to visit them!

Rock Monkey Adventures

What’s not to love? Awesome photos and amazing adventures from an absolute celebrity of Tasmanian bushwalking. There’s hardly a rock she hasn’t climbed over, let alone a mountain.

If you like heartfelt, honest trip reports you’ll love this.


Epic multiday walks with a core group of friends. Makes you feel like you’re there with them as they battle bad weather, terrible scrub and insane distances.

These walks are not for your elderly grandparents. They’re as long as they are tough.

Chasing Cheetahs

Often short, but to the point. Often a little more packraft focussed too, giving a really interesting perspective into areas less travelled.

Nice big photos too and often a map, which is always a bonus.

Bender and Xing

Heard about this site from a bloke on top of Frenchmans but sadly gone now. :( Maybe one day it’ll return.

What did I miss?

I’m particuarly interested in longer form write ups of walks through Tasmania’s wilderness.

Contact me if you want to let me know about the many that I’ve missed/still discovering!