Sandbanks Tier: a quick afternoon walk

We got away from Hobart quite late - about 1:45pm once all was packed and sorted.

But it didn’t matter. For once, time was on our side.

I estimated that we could leave as late as 2:30pm and still get to - and climb - Sandbanks Tier without much worry.

And so it was. It was nice for a change not having to rush or worry about everything that comes from not being on time.

We got to the little carpark/gate around 3:40pm and was off not long after. I was going up alone, and Clive would wait for my return in the car. He’d have a sleep. Probably a chat or two on the phone.

The walk starts up an easy road, and then turns to scree. It’s mostly easy going, stepping from one to the other.

Lots more to go

After a few minutes, there’s a quick line of bush to get through - but it’s easy. Then you’re back on scree and the going gets steeper.

Slowly you climb the roughly couple hundred meters of elevation needed to reach the summit.

Cairns basically take you the whole way across the scree and then up onto the top.

The final bit goes around the back a bit - or at least the way I went did - there are probably many different ways up Sandbanks Tier and it really just depends on which pile of rocks you follow first.

After a little bit of a saunter across the flat bit at the top, and after negotiating the final climb, I was there.

Great Lake and beyond

As you’d expect, the views over Great Lake are lovely as is looking back across the plateau to where it eventually ends at the edge at the Great Western Tiers.

And the other way, a great satisfying look at where I’d come from.

Now to get back

It’s a short trip, that’s for sure. It has to be one of the shortest trips I’ve ever taken to climb a 1400 metre mountain.

I guess it helps if you start more than 1100 meters above sea level.

But it was still pleasant.

Here’s to a day of not rushing and quick walks.

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