Penny West - short, sharp but was it sweet?

I want to keep this short - just like the walk up Penny West.

The top of Penny West

I’m only joking. It’ll be short, but not quite that short.

Penny West was a last minute decision because we had an hour to spare before heading back for dinner.

As such, I hadn’t done a whole lot of planning on how to find it exactly.

After faffing around, we decided to just park the car and I’d just walk in the general direction.

So that’s what I did. I didn’t pick the best route and probably ended up walking through way more bush than I needed to.

But really, that’s my own fault isn’t it?

I slowly - so slowly - gained elevation before finally starting a proper climb up what I thought was the final stretch.

I was wandering about a few higher points thinking “is this it?” before I decided to head another hundred meters or so north just to see.

And lucky I did, because when I eventually came to where I was supposed to go, it was incredibly obvious.

Ohhh up there. Of course

A hop, skip and a jump later - I was there. It’d taken about 20 minutes.

There mightn't have been much to look at on the way up, but it was worth it for this (Arthurs Lake)

I stood on the massive cairn at the summit and just looked about. It was really quite nice.

A beautiful view over Arthurs Lake to one side, and a pretty picture of where I’d come on another.

I took a different route home. Straight down.

There were two cairns at the top, and not a single one until I hit the road.

That way was better. It was even shorter. Though, probably about as scrubby - so take it or leave it!

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