A change of plan, but a bonus of Mount Pillinger

When I woke, I didn’t feel like following the original plan.

The plan would have been to go all the way to the Du Cane Gap, then up - through the scrub - to Falling Mountain.

The idea of scrub bashing, while going up hill, didn’t really appeal to me - so I made the decision to leave with Clive and Tom and get a lift back to Hobart.

I’d follow up on the southern part of the part later in the week - well that was the plan.1

I thought back to the trip I’d done so far: 10 mountains. Not bad!

So many more mountains!

This walk was part of a multiple, multi-day series where I walked the Overland Track and tried to climb as many mountains as I could along the way.

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But then I realised I could do one more before finishing - Mount Pillinger.

It was on the way out via the Arm River Track. It shouldn’t be too hard to find, so why not?

We set off, and I left Clive and Tom - we’d meet up either back at the car or somewhere along the track.

The going was pretty quick. I found a wonderful little campsite at the eastern end of Lake Ayr (I say I found, but it’s very well know. I should say I went to check out). I’d love to come back to this spot again.

I didn’t get a photo though - oops! I didn’t get many at all today.

I knew I had to turn off before I got to Lake Price - but I missed the spot completely. Looking at the aerial photos from home, I know exactly where it was - but either I didn’t see it or I did but there were sticks lying over it and I didn’t think that it was the proper turn off.

Not to matter though - I knew there was another track further along near a big sign that I knew I couldn’t miss.

I found the sign - and the track - a and headed up it towards Pillinger. It wasn’t long before I was at a massive junction - which would have been the same spot had I taken the other track.

From there, the tracks join and the Pillinger Track is obvious. I walked along it, slowly gaining altitude.

I came across one bloke coming back down and he said it wasn’t far to go. With a final push, I was at the top.

The top of Pillinger

It was a wonderful morning. Weather was perfect and the views were superb.

I could see Lee’s Paddocks - this time from a different perspective - and followed them along until they turned into the Mersey River.

Lee's Paddocks

Behind them, Falling Mountain - where I had planned to be, but wasn’t. It wasn’t a worry though, I knew I’d be at the Du Cane Range soon enough in the future.

Trip map2

Walk times:

Elevation map



  1. Like all good plans, it was thwarted by the Lake St Clair ferry availability. So we went to Lake Rhona instead. ↩︎

  2. © OpenStreetMap contributors terms ↩︎