I thought I was at the top of Mount Oakleigh, but I was wrong

The last time I’d been up Mount Oakleigh, I’d climbed it to the point where you get a good view and called it a day.

As such, I’d never really counted Oakleigh as a mountain I’d been to the top of - it was instead one of many in the “sorta” column: climbed, but not really.

So since I was passing through, I figured 2023 was the time to move it once and for all from “sorta” to done.

Problem was I almost didn’t climb it properly again!

So many more mountains!

This walk was part of a multiple, multi-day series where I walked the Overland Track and tried to climb as many mountains as I could along the way.

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The day started like it usually does: breakfast, coffee, slowly getting ready.

Eventually I was off, down the stairs of New Pelion Hut and off along the board walk and obvious track headed for the base of Oakleigh.

A morning Oakleigh (Photo: Tom D)

It’s very easy walking and the views are lovely across the Pelion Plains

Barn Bluff in the morning (Photo: Tom D)
Pelion West in the morning (Photo: Tom D)

Once you hit Oakleigh’s base, it’s pretty much a solid climb until you get to the saddle in the middle before you turn west to walk along the cliffs.

I did accidentally wander off the track a few times, but easily found my way back again pretty quickly.

Then, in the distance, I saw a big pile of rocks. “Ahhh,” I though. “The summit finally - but much quicker than I thought!”

I was quite proud with myself for making the top so quickly. I looked around, took some photos, and looked some more as the clouds lifted higher and higher.

That's a nice big pile of rocks. Surely the top!

After I while, I started back again - covering the distance along the top plateau quickly.

Then I stopped. I thought back to how I’d managed to get up so quickly. I thought how I was looking at the map the night before and saw the “actual” summit was tucked back behind from where you can see from New Pelion Hut.

I pulled out my map, and realised I hadn’t actually been at the proper top!

“Shit,” I said out loud as I turned and started walking back to where I just came from.

Turns out the top top is 800 or so meters to the north of the big pile of rocks. It’s not a particularly hard extra bit of walking, but I suppose it must be done if one is to properly move it from the “sorta” column.

Eventually, I got there.

Found the actual top

It’s worth it. The views are lovely and a bit different from the first place I’d been.

In fact, it was rather fortunate.

I got extra time exploring on top of an awesome mountain that is so lovely to look at when you have the privilege of staying around the Pelion Plains!

And I got to finally move the mountain from “sorta” to “done”. :)

But while it might be “done”, I hope it’s not the last time I get to visit this one. A delightful and fun trip.

Trip map1

Elevation map



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