Adamsons Peak: 27th December 2022

If you like walking almost continuously up a giant hill - mostly through forest, but also through a bit of mud - then this is for you.

Adamsons Peak looms over Dover and looks a lot like a massive volcano with its sloping hills right to the peak.

I forgot to get a photo of it from a long way away, so you’ll just have to imagine. Actually I’ll do a diagram.

Adamsons Peak (Artist's impression)

Spectacular, I know.

Anyway, getting to Adamsons Peak isn’t hard and despite some old reports I saw about road quality - as of December 2022 the road is no worries at all.

In fact, it’s so good you can even put “Adamsons Peak walk” into Google and it’ll take you there - as of December 2022. I’ve had troubles with Google before, but this time it worked.

If you don’t trust Google, and frankly that’s a good idea, here’s the way I got there along the various logging roads with their many spurs and turnoffs.

The way if you don't trust Google

Anyway, that’s a long way of saying it’s not too hard to get there and the road is good.

When you’re there, the walk starts along a nice boardwalk up slowly starts increasing in elevation.

The elevation increase basically keeps going… right until you get to the top.

I mean, compare the elevation map and my amazing diagram above - they’re almost identical. I challenge you to try and tell the difference.

Spot the difference, I dare you

There’s about 1060 meters of elevation gain from the start of the walk to the peak. It’s a lot of uphill walking.

But it’s a pleasant and easy to navigate walk through the forest. After about 1:35 of walking, I finally popped out and was given a lovely view

The first view appears after several hours of walking uphill

From there, it gets slightly harder to navigate as your weave your way over a plateau of sorts. It’s a bit muddy in places, but not that bad.

I got lose a couple of times. The track is pretty obvious, but I found I wandered off it from time to time. It was a simple matter of just backtracking and trying again.

Adamsons Peak finally comes into view

It’s not long before the final bit seems obvious, but it’s not quite as simple as it looks from here.

You have to weave across the scrubby(ish) face (the track is obvious) before climbing steeply to the final bit. `` The final part is well cairned, but requires a bit of rock hopping and boulder jumping. Again though, not hard.

After some more steep climbing and boulder hopping the end is finally there

After making the top, I sat around and had a light lunch. Amazing views all around. I could see down to the South Coast, over to Federation Peak, a lovely view of Hartz mountains and off in the distance the mighty Precipitous Bluff. An old friend.

Actually, it has great views of the whole Southern Ranges.

With lunch done, I started the walk back down - but needed to find some water as it was a very hot day. It was easy to find.

It was a hot day - water needed to be found
Oh, there's more water... not hard to find at all

I had read that there was an old hut or house of sorts somewhere up on the plateau and I somehow missed it on my way up.

But on the way back down, I managed to stumble upon it.

The ruins of an old house - I found this on the way back down
And 'inside' the house

After a quick look, I found the track and started the long walk back down the hill to the car.

EDIT: 11th Feb 2023

I recently came across this thread on which has a little bit more information about the hut, and some old photos from the 1980s. Very interesting - check it out.

Trip map1

Walk dates: 27 December 2022

Weather: Rather hot, but still

Trip time: 5 hours, 16 minutes walking total (not including lunch at the top). 2:49 to the top. 2:27 back down.

Total ascent: 1196 meters

Trip map

Elevation map

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