The Never Never (May 2015)


Date: May 22 - 25, 2015
Distance: 62km
Weather: Sunny, but very cold. Coldest night I've ever had.

The Never Never. Something that had been on my todo list for a while. Finally got around to it May 2015.

It was a great trip. Freaking cold, but meant the ground was frozen in parts which made easier walking through the Never Never.

Also visited Pelion Hut again, for a night’s stay. Also walked up Mount Oakleigh (mostly) and Mount Pelion East.

Falls, can't remember their name now...
On top of Mount Oakleigh, looking out across the Pelion Plains with Mount Ossa in the background
Mount Ossa, from Mount Pelion East

EDIT March 6, 2021:

So I’m just going back through some old posts to clean them up a bit, tag a few things, add some extra information, etc.

I didn’t originally write a lot on this post for some reason. There are a few pictures from the trip though, but that’s all.

Walk map: