Chillin' at Louisa River

The Port Davey and South Coast Track – Day 6

Day 6 – Louisa Creek to Louisa River

Ah rain. I knew ye was coming.

It was an easy day. You could almost jump from Louisa Creek to Louisa River. It was a bit of a rest day for us too.

We ambled along the track, getting wet, and looking forward to putting up the tents, getting into the sleeping bag and doing a bit of reading!

Raining on the Louisa Plains
“Hurry and up film me!”  – Raining on the Louisa Plains. Was nice to finally use the coat in some decent rain.

Tents went up and books were read. It was a really nice day in the end. Nice to have a break.

Chillin' at Louisa River
When the rain stopped falling and you could get outside, it was lovely. Dash chillin’ at Louisa River.

My parents left us, and walked down to the beach. They spent the night there and then walked back to the airport at Melaleuca. We walked on.

The next day, was Ironbounds Day!

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