The Collins Bonnet that wasn't

This was supposed to be a walk to Collins Bonnet, an easy to get to mountain which lies roughly west of Mount Wellington.

I drove up Wellington to access it via the Big Bend Trail, but when I got there I realised the trail was closed and no known date for reopening.

It seems I could either wait, or take the far steeper route from Collinsvale. That would also require me driving around there, and since I was going for lazy I opted instead for a little walk on top of Wellington.

I drove up to the summit, and decided a walk out to near South Wellington would do nicely.

Parking at the top on Pinnacle Road, I set off past the big antenna tower and down the South Wellington Track.

A very uneventful walk, it was still lovely to get out and about on a very warm Hobart day.

I got to the Smith’s Monument junction and decided to walk out there - just because really.

20 or so minutes later, I made it to the cloth covered monument. Sat down. Had some chips and a bit of cheese and wandered back.

So why am I writing this very simple blog post?

I can’t remember what this is of, but I’m just going to include it

Well, I haven’t really updated anything for a while - and I’ve been thinking I’d like to a) do more walks and b) write about them here!

I’ve got lots of walks planning. I’m hopefully going to Mount Gould sooner or later, I’ve been up the Western Arthurs and Frenchman’s, I should write up that walk from the Walls to Lake St Clair.

So many walks. So many possible blog posts.

Anyway, hope to see you soon.

Oh P.S.

I’ve long heard about this so-called Red Paint Route that goes up near the Organ Pipes from close to The Chalet.

So on my way back to town, I stopped to go and see if I could find it.

After a bit of thrashing around and keeping an eye out for red paint - I found it!

X marks the turnoff

So that’s another walk to do another day :)

Walk map:

Pretty basic really. Out and back. Tried to find Rocking Stone, but didn’t.