The Port Davey and South Coast Track – Day 5

Day 5 – Melaleuca to Louisa Creek

This turned out to be a much longer day than anticipated, mainly because the campsite was – for the first time – full.

But I’ll come back to that.

I got up early to see my parents fly in on a little plane from Hobart. Flights are offered by one company (it used to be two, but one company unfortunately went broke). That same company had earlier flown in our food supplies, which we picked up at the hut. It made the bags heavy again, but better than lugging it all the way from Scott’s Peak Dam.

A few other people (a party of five) also got off the plane. We would see them time and time again down the track. It’s a popular place, but we were conditioned from our Port Davey track trip to see no one but ourselves. It takes a bit of getting used to.

Once we finally got going, the walk to Cox Bight was easy. There’s duck-boarding most of the way. We flew down the track and stopped for lunch just before the beach. Then it started to rain (kind of)

Lunch was nice. The beach was great. It was also a reminder on how far we’d walked in the past few days.

From Point A to Point B.

It was also great finally getting to the south coast. You could look out, and know there’s nothing between you and Antarctica.

As we walked along Cox Bight, there was a bit of rain.

There also seems to be a slight error in the TasMap map. It seems like you can go on the beach the whole way to the campsite, but you can’t. The tide may have been in, but we had to cross the land again. Not to worry.

We planned on missing the official Point Eric campsite and pushed onto Buoy Creek. When we go there though, it was full. As I mentioned earlier – because we left so late – all the other parties from the plane go there before us and set up camp. It wasn’t a bad camp. Room for about 5-6 tents.

After a quick discussion, it was decided we’d push on, cross the Red Point Hills and stay at Louisa Creek. It wasn’t easy! But we managed eventually, and got there about 30-45 minutes before dark.

Louisa Creek was a lovely spot too. Campsite was flat and the creek was beautiful. We even went for a swim! You could fit 3 tents there comfortably on one side of the creek. Probably a few more on the other. Go left before you cross the creek to find the campsite.

You’ll know you’re there when you have to come down some stairs. There’s another creek about 700m before Louisa Creek. Push on through the first one.

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