The Overland Track

So I did the Overland Track the other day.

It was good. I didn’t take many photos. There were too many clouds.


Though there was a wombat or three.

overland-1 overland-2


I’d write more, but the trip has been covered by others far funnier than I:

All I can add, is to agree that Bert Nichols Hut is a shocker. Too big, badly designed, freezing and boring. It mightn’t have helped that I was there by myself. The rest were wonderful. Actually, I like a list so here is (in order) my ranked lists of huts (that I saw)

  1. Pine Valley
  2. Echo Point
  3. Windermere
  4. Waterfall Valley
  5. Kia Ora
  6. Pelion
  7. Narcissus
  8. Bert Nichols

I’ve probably missed some, but what does it matter? It’s not as if there’s much choice.

The walk was about 88km all up. I got lost a few times in the cloud, which was pretty amazing considering the track is so well marked. You want to see my route? Okay… Here’s the GPS log of the Overland Track.

If you want more GPS information, email these guys. Our Hiking Blog has a great collection of GPS waypoints for the Overland Track. Everything you can think of: peaks, tracks, huts, turn offs, bridges, etc. Very useful.

Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife also have a good collection of tracks and huts for GPS.

For the record this was my daily trip log:

  • The start -> Waterfall Hut
  • Waterfall Hut -> Pelion
  • Pelion -> Bert Nichols
  • Bert Nichols -> Pine Valley
  • Pine Valley -> Echo Point
  • Echo Point -> The end

Few big days and a few slack days as I sat by the heater in my sleeping bag, reading while it rained (there was a lot of cloud).

P.S – Parks and Wildlife at Lake St Clair should have an iPhone 4 and/or 5 charger. I sent them one via eBay because they were so nice. Can someone check to see if it got there and let me know in the comments? Thanks!

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  1. Thanks for providing the links to my blog. That must have taken you a while! Always appreciated!

    You’ve done well with the wombat photos. That’s a beauty 🙂

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