South West National Park walk – GPS Data Download

I finally got around to loading the GPS data from my walk through the South West National Park for the Port Davey/South Coast Track walk

Take what you want, all I ask is for is a link from your website back to

The easiest thing to do is just download all the data in a single .zip file, extract it, then import it into your GPS mapping program. From there, just put it all on your GPS.

However, if you want to be a bit more selective, you can pick and choose below:

The data is split into the days we walked:

Also, I’ve combined all the days into a few big files:

Or simply, all combined in a .zip

Waypoint data

I’ve also got some waypoint data. Mainly these are the official campsites along the way, but it also includes a few junctions, unofficial camps and possible places to stay if you get caught.

Ideally, you could just download them all in a ZIP file. But if you’d like to be picky you can get only the ones you want here:

Official Campsites:

Unofficial Campsites:




Southern Ranges GPS data

Update/added: 25 September 2016. 

We did the Southern Ranges in September 2016. Read the whole post, with all its very boring track notes, here!

Or, you can download the Southern Ranges Circuit via Precipitous Bluff GPS (.GPX) file we generated. Be aware we got lost a few times, but nothing ever too badly.

And here’s a download to a few GPS waypoints I gathered on the way. They include:

  • Osmiridium Beach camp
  • Turn off to Osmiridium Beach camp
  • PB Decent Turn Off
  • POSS Emergency Camp PB
  • PB High Camp
  • Leaning Tree Saddle camp
  • Ooze Lake Camp
  • Turn off to Mount La Perouse
  • Pigsty Ponds Camp
  • Moonlight Creek (approx)


4 thoughts on “South West National Park walk – GPS Data Download”

  1. Fantastic stuff. You’ve really covered some great ground – and fast by the look. I’ve taken a couple of the selections from the GPS data for my upcoming walk along the South Coast Track.

  2. Hi TGA – I’m just back from the Port Davey track (March 2016) – your account of the walk was really helpful in my planning so thanks for that. You’re right about the new bridge at Spring River – I almost tripped over myself when I saw saw it shining through the mud and scrub at the end of a long day – a big thanks to PWS. I camped at Farrell Point when I arrived at the Narrows – it’s a beautiful campsite and I was lucky to have running water. I would recommend this if the weather looks OK. Thanks again for your notes – I really appreciated them.
    Cheers and all the best,

    1. Hey Alex,

      Thanks heaps for your message! Hope you enjoyed the trip/walk. I’m a big fan of the Port Davey Track. I’d like to do it again then do the South West Cape.

      P.S – Sorry for the delay. I forgot to update my email notification system and just noticed it wasn’t working. All fixed now.

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