The Overland Track

So I did the Overland Track the other day.


Date: September 15 - 20, 2015
Distance: 87km
Weather: A bit rainy, overcast, but not too bad.

It was good. I didn’t take many photos. There were too many clouds.

Though there was a wombat or three.

I’d write more, but the trip has been covered by others far funnier than I:

All I can add, is to agree that Bert Nichols Hut is a shocker.

Too big, badly designed, freezing and boring. It mightn’t have helped that I was there by myself. The rest were wonderful.

Actually, I like a list so here is (in order) my ranked lists of huts (that I saw)

  1. Pine Valley
  2. Echo Point
  3. Windermere
  4. Waterfall Valley
  5. Kia Ora
  6. Pelion
  7. Narcissus
  8. Bert Nichols

The walk was about 88km all up. I got lost a few times in the cloud, which was pretty amazing considering the track is so well marked.

For the record this was my daily trip log:

  1. The start -> Waterfall Hut
  2. Waterfall Hut -> Pelion
  3. Pelion -> Bert Nichols
  4. Bert Nichols -> Pine Valley
  5. Pine Valley -> Echo Point
  6. Echo Point -> The end

Few big days and a few slack days as I sat by the heater in my sleeping bag, reading while it rained (there was a lot of cloud).

Walk map



February 11, 2014

Thanks for providing the links to my blog. That must have taken you a while! Always appreciated!

You’ve done well with the wombat photos. That’s a beauty 🙂


June 8, 2014

Just saw this comment!

No worries about the links – they are a fantastic read.