Cape Hauy, The Tasman Peninsula, Tasmania, Australia. The field of view is 305 degrees.

Cape Hauy – 24 December 2016

The day was sunny, warm (some would say hot), and we were ready for a quick visit to one of Tasmania’s favourite capes, Cape Hauy!

We’d stayed the night down on the Peninsula, so it was a quick drive down to the Fortescue Bay.

It was only a few hours out and back, so I could walk light. It’s always a fantastic reminder on how much more pleasurable walking light is, when compared to other – ahem – heavier trips.

I didn’t get many photos unfortunately. I seem to always forget, so unless others take them I don’t have any!

The track was, as expected, lovely. As part of the Three Capes Track, it’s nicely graded, well sign posted and wide.

I’d been out to Cape Hauy before – before the Three Capes upgrades – and the track is now much, much easier.

Anyway, a good walk. Five stars!


Splendid Cape Hauy
Splendid Cape Hauy


Feature image credit: JJ Harrison 

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